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Our passionate art historian guides lead you on an unforgettable journey through Amsterdam or the Van Gogh Museum.


Introducing Florentine, the founder of our tour guide company, whose passion for art history knows no bounds. With a major in art history, Florentine's love for Vincent van Gogh is as vibrant as his brushstrokes. When she's not exploring the charming streets of Rome or weaving tales through her novel, she's diving into the depths of art, immersing herself in the captivating world of Vincent van Gogh's masterpieces. Among her many artistic interests, Florentine holds a particular fondness for Vincent van Gogh's 'Tree Roots', the iconic artist's final masterpiece. Its abstract allure resonates deeply with her, sparking contemplation and fascination with nature's mysteries. Join Florentine on an exhilarating journey through art, literature, and spirituality, where laughter, discovery, and inspiration await at every turn.

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Meet Fleur, our captivating tour guide with an insatiable passion for art and design. With her expertise in art history and interior design, Fleur effortlessly brings the beauty of each masterpiece to life, enchanting visitors with fascinating stories and insights. Whether she's delving into the world of Van Gogh at her favorite Dutch cafe or marveling at the Almond Blossom, Fleur's boundless enthusiasm and deep appreciation for aesthetics promise an unforgettable journey through the realms of art and beauty. Join Fleur and prepare to be inspired, enchanted, and utterly enthralled by the magic of her guided tours.

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spends most of her day talking, and Vincent Van Gogh is her absolute favorite subject! Vincent keeps captivating this art historian with his vibrant colors and his fearless expression of emotions. But even when the tour ends, her enthusiasm doesn't fade. You'll often find her continuing her lively conversations at Espresso Bar Puccini in the heart of Amsterdam. Her favourite artwork by Van Gogh: Cypresses and Two Women.

Woman discussing Van Gogh's Sunflowers in gallery.


Meet Mila, the art guide with a smile that can light up even the gloomiest museum corridors! Currently putting the finishing strokes on her art history degree, Mila's passion for Amsterdam runs deeper than its canals. She knows the city like the back of her hand, and if you're lucky, she might even surprise you with a secret shortcut or two. When she's not unraveling the mysteries of art, you'll likely find Mila dreaming of her next adventure in Berlin. With a love for Van Gogh that rivals the intensity of his brushstrokes, she recently decided to embrace her inner artist and became a radiant redhead—because who wouldn't want to channel a bit of Vincent's fiery spirit? Her ultimate masterpiece? The Sunflowers, of course.

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Trained as an Art Historian, Aucke's passion for painting extends beyond the pages of history books and into his own artist studio in Amsterdam Noord, where he unleashes his creativity with expressive brushstrokes that dance across the canvas like a whirlwind of colors. But Aucke's artistic journey doesn't stop there. He's captivated by contemporary painters who draw inspiration from the iconic Van Gogh, a fascination often reflected in the temporary exhibitions at the Van Gogh Museum. When he's not immersed in the world of art, you'll find Aucke soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of North Amsterdam, indulging in coffee and sweets at No-Yusu or basking in the sun on the terrace of de Ceuvel. And if you ever catch him lost in thought, chances are he's daydreaming about his favorite Van Gogh masterpiece, 'Wheatfield with a Reaper' from September 1889.

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Meet Merel, a passionate art historian and seasoned guide, dedicated to sharing her love for art and design. With a background in fine art from prestigious institutions such as the University of Amsterdam, Rietveld Academy, and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Merel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Specializing in impressionism and contemporary design, she offers captivating tours. Vincent van Gogh's "Summer Landscape with Harvest" is her personal favorite. Join Merel to explore the world of art and design through the eyes of an expert.

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With a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and a Master's degree in Art & Society, her journey as an artist has been both academic and deeply personal. As an abstract painter, Genevieve is captivated by the interplay of color and the dramatic contrasts of tone, creating vibrant compositions that evoke emotion and thought. Her work is influenced by the bold use of color seen in her favorite piece by Van Gogh, "Almond Blossom" (1890), which exemplifies the delicate beauty and intensity she strives to capture in my own paintings. When she is not writing or painting, you can often find her gallery hopping and exploring the eclectic natural wine bars that dot the city!

Genevieve Fratzer Loging Vincent Tours


Curious by nature, Mercedes is an art journalist and double-degree student. She lives in the vibrant city of Rotterdam, but comes all the way from Argentina! Her favorite aspect of Art is uncovering secret meanings and messages, which she likes sharing every chance she gets (get ready for a lot of fun facts along the tour). When she's not in museums and libraries, you can find her swimming or gardening. Her most loved Van Gogh is "Undergrowth" for the beauty we can find in often-ignored places.

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